I am Manuel Boca and I have a clear goal for my purpose in life: I want to shape a better future for everyone. We all know that the world has huge issues: poverty is everywhere, pollution is rising, climate is changing. Overall, the globalization process does not look to be sustainable at all. Many of us would like to change all this, and make the future a better place to live in, so that’s why some of as are members of NGOs or take action ourselves.

However, I believe that it’s not enough. NGOs alone do not have the power to change this world for the better, at least not on all levels and all areas of life. That being said, I do appreciate some of them because they strive to do great things, and some of them have achieved huge goals: take a look at what Greenpeace and charity:water did.

But I think we can do more. Let me say that again: YES, WE CAN DO MORE!

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