Original email sent to Markus Persson

After Markus Persson (aka “Notch”) announced on his blog that he sold Minecraft, I wrote an email to him with some tips. I never got a reply though. This is a reference for my other article named “An open letter to Notch“. Without further ado, here is the original email:

From: Manuel Boca
To: Markus

Date: Sep 15, 2014

Subject: Hey Markus! Food for thought… Your next steps in life



First of all, I think I understand what you meant with your last article that it’s not about the money, and it’s about keeping your sanity. But even if you want to keep a simple life and only make small projects (and I understand that because I’m a game developer too, and I made some successful games as well – just a few million players, so not a successful as yours, but it’s still something) you have to understand that you also have some responsibility and you can change (and should change) the world for the better. You’ll get a lot of money, so try not waste it all away giving it to an obscure charity or something. Try to think of something that can actually really make a difference. I for one do want to make significant changes, I just don’t have the capital. So here’s some ideas: invest in crowdfunding projects, in people that actually want to make a difference, make a fund that will support game developers, let them have no worries about anything financial as long as they build a game, etc. Let me know what you think


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